keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

Chasswheel smart wheelchair changed my relationship with my horse

An Austrian lady has been sitting in a wheelchair for ten years and she has a horse to take care of. 

"I have horse, who is a dear old friend on mine. She has got used to me sitting down in a wheelchair and whenever I wanted to scratch her, she learned to bend her neck down to get closer to me. After many years I got the new Four X DL and went to scratch my horse. She was acting like a miracle had just happen! The first time I was able to scratch her by standing and she felt my hands on her back. It was a very touching moment to see my old horse pricking up her ears forward and looking happy for the long time. I still cannot ride my horse, but I can take care of her now independently and I am happy for it. The technical development gives me hope that maybe one day in the future anything is possible, even riding my dear horse." 

Lady who owns Chasswheel smart wheelchair Four X DL, a true story.
Austrian lady with her horse and Chasswheel smart wheelchair

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