maanantai 11. toukokuuta 2015

The Story of Janika: "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!"

Janika is a sweet young 20 year old girl from the small town in Finland called Seinäjoki. Her passion is to write a lifestyle blog called 'Rullailua' and she loves knitting in every spare moment, which shows in the blog every step at the way. Rullailua means rolling in English, which describes rolling and wandering thoughts in the head as well as rolling around with a wheelchair. Janika has born with a spinal cord injury MMC and she doesn't remember, what she thought about it as a child but on later on as a teenager unfortunately the bitterness came into her life. She had those feelings that 'I am not a good enough' and 'nobody likes me'. Even today in weak moments in life, those hopeless feelings still arise, but overall she has accepted herself as who she is. And maybe all these experiences makes her the stunning and awesome personality -the fighter with a great ability to listen what people has to say.

Maybe the previous experiences also influence why other peoples bad attitudes makes her angry and sad, for example she gets frustrated if there is a possibility to get some place with an assistance, but a close friend will not be bothered to help her to get there at all. Luckily Janika has realized that she is not worse than anyone else, even if she uses the wheelchair to move around. The other things she gets angry of are dishonesty, lying and secrets about things which concerns her. And on the other hand she gets really happy about her family, friends, love, warm sun shine, crafts, having yarn in her hands to start knitting...and she loves little surprises in her daily life!

The best things on her life are related also to family and friends, especially to her godson :) Exercise, crafts and hot chocolate are the moments she really enjoys and therefore her quote in life is: "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It." 
Janika is the girl with an attitude of the fighter
Beginning of the year 2015 Janika had 99 rolls of yarn. Lets see how many she has at the end of the year.
Put the music on and lets start knitting!

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