tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

Fashionable wheelchair women don't play with rules.

We are all similar and all so different people in our personalities and willing or not willing to represent that in style. Why would wheelchair users show any less fashionable than walking people? May be one reason is that it is slightly harder to find nice and comfortable clothes. IZ Adaptive Clothing for wheelchairs manufactures amazing clothes for wheelchair users, which do not wrinkle while and look the best while sitting unlike other clothes. Metro article about 10 ways to stay stylish gives great tips with a proper fashion attitude by ignoring the rules, because fashion is all about the personality and the person wearing it! And do not forget all the lovely accessories, like Olivia Palermo says: "style is all about accessories."
These comfortable jeans look great while sitting
Fashionable biker jacket for wheelchair users
Wheelchair fashion icon Jillian Mercado, who is a model in Diesel advertisements, writes about style, trends and fashion events in her blog manufactured1987. Her amazing photos about her in photoshoots, wedding gowns and lipsticks make every women willing to improvise with make up and outfits. New Yorker Magdalena writes funny and entertaining blog Prettycripple.com and I loved the last post about dating tips for women! She also shares wild ideas for scarfs, hats and necklaces. Wheelchair Mommy also loves fashion, make up and just recently changed her hairstyle for fashionable short style from long one. Pricilla is a mother of three boys and a husband Charlie and she blogs about everyday life with her family. She just bought a lovely pink and metal color iPhone.
Wheelchair Mommy's pink and metal color IPhone as accessory
Diesel advertisement with Jillian Mercado
What if the wheelchair would be fashionable describing your lifestyle like all the other accessories? It is actually the most visible accessory, which also often seems to define a person in the eyes of certain people. Why not to disrupt them a little bit? Have a little bit of an attitude and become visible in the eyes of all the people. Shock people with Chasswheel's cool Four X multifunctional wheelchair, which you can even go up some stairs and stand while driving!! Go to clubbing by standing or to an cocktail event and speak to people on the same height as them and be more self-confident as you have ever been. Colourswheelchair sells manual wheelchairs with different colors and abilities like trendy camouflage or any color fitting to persons style.
Relaxed autumn fashion with boots, Louis Vuitton bag and the pink Four X wheelchair for snow, soft sand and even stairs.
Camouflage manual wheelchair for all terrain use
My tips for all wheelchair women who are willing to express themselves with fashion are: dare to be visible, play with colors, find your own style, wear what is comfortable and be confident. Happy and fashionable autumn and here is a song for all the brave women :)


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