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5 tips to cope with winter on a wheelchair

Winter can be a really difficult time to anyone driving a wheelchair and no matter if you drive manual or electric wheelchair. Snow is the pain in the ass, no matter how positively you think. Sometimes when you look outside the window in the morning you just decide to stay in, because there has been snowing 5 centimeters last night - too much effort! So how do you cope with winter if you decide to go out?

1. Get a proper winter tires

With a proper winter tires you can drive anywhere safely. Pneumatic tires prevent you getting slip on icy road or getting stuck into snow.

2. Put warm clothes on

It is wise to make sure you are warm! Head and hands get cold fastest to wear decent gloves and winter hat. Keep extra gloves and wool socks with you and layer clothing to keep your body warm all the time. Try to get comfortable and also remember to take a blanket with you.

3. Take care of you safety

Have fully charged batteries in as well as in your wheel and also you mobile phone. Keep a buddy or assistant with you during these winter months to have extra set of helping hands during winter months. Snow can stress anyones life so it is not good to be alone.

4. Plan extra time

Going places can take extra time, especially when it is a proper snow storm. Take also into consideration the time to dress up and all the other normal daily activities which take longer because of the snow. Make sure the wheelchair will not slide and brakes are locked while transportations. Plan ahead and take into consideration extra layers, extra traffic, extra steps -and extra time.

5. Buy yourself a mobility solution, which works!

Don't just stay at home! Figure out solutions, which are available and invest some money be able to live the way you want! Don't mind about restriction and dare to do all exiting things in life. Have a courage and find freedom to live and experience!
With Four X you are not able to only drive in  winter -you can also clear the whole front yard of the snow! (snowplough is an extra equipment)
This lovely pink Four X is capable even go up gently sloping stairs -not to mention slopes in winter! Get a wheelchair, which does not stuck into snow
Find the best suitable Four X product for you! / more info about Four X products

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